What am I locking in?

“What am I ‘locking in’…?”

Do you ever ask that question and take the time to really give yourself the answer?  

I know some of you are embarrassed to admit that it doesn’t even matter anymore…the book has fallen below the ever-increasing requirement for profit sharing qualification.  

It’s unfortunate when profitable books slip below the level, but that’s the reality most agencies find themselves dealing with for one or more of their key carriers.  
So…what are you locking in? 

If your book is big enough – what are your expectations? About the same as last year?

OR have the carriers changed the rules again or maybe that one claim really messed up your loss ratio…I know our 60+ members like the way they get to answer the question:

What are they locking in? 

If their book is under $100,000 or maxing out the grid over $2,000,000 – the answer is the same: 


Our members know they will get paid more than what they would have been paid on their own. There is strength and opportunity in numbers…and in our numbers, across all of our members historically profitable books, there is MORE to share that any one of them would be able to earn on their own.

Hard numbers verify this.
We want to enhance the independence of all our members, and that starts by helping them be more profitable.

By getting MORE.

Our relationships with our core carrier partners are designed to bring greater profitability to our members without compromising their independence as an agency.  

A member with a book under the qualification limit earned more than $3,000 on average every year, and the results get better the bigger the book gets.
It’s time to ask the question: what are you locking in? 

Think about it, and then connect with us to get a better answer: one that begins and ends with MORE.

Our numbers tell the whole story. Tap or click here to learn more.

In the past 3 years, Secured Advantage has paid its members nearly $1,000,000 more in profit sharing than they would have been paid on their own

That’s $1,000,000 more than the roughly $3,500,000 these agencies earned on their own.

Click here to see a detailed list of their results by carrier. 

Call or email us (you can just his reply on this email) to join the network and earn on average an extra 28% in your profit sharing check!