Financial Services


Independent Agencies often need support to provide the additional products and services that their customers need in life, health, retirement and long term care insurance planning. The Financial Services enhancement program we offer helps provide significant resources to assist in meeting those needs and holistically servicing the client. This ensures your clients will not need to seek another outside agency to provide them the financial services they need; with our help, you will be able to fulfill any financial services your clients may require.

Our program provides:

Core carrier production improvements. This program brings a team of professionals to support your efforts with combined more than 40 years of experience in financial planning and insurance program design to meet the needs of America’s families and businesses of all sizes.

Designing plans to meet these needs:

You can partner with Secured Advantage in confidence knowing that the highest level of professional service and support are being provided to you and your customers. From a simple review of existing insurance products to a design from scratch for a multi owner business in its second generation of family operation and control, we provide the team of professionals your customers will need to be satisfied with the work that is done.

Every effort is made to minimize the work required for you in this process, while preserving a healthy portion of the commission revenue generated by the products used in the financial planning process. Typical commission splits are 30% to the introducing agency and 70% to Secured Advantage and the financial services team. That split applies to every dollar of commission paid on the case to Secured Advantage including the maximum bonus levels with network carriers

David Trende
Financial Services Director

Agency Enhancement Case Studies

A family who purchases their personal insurance coverage from you whose coverages include a second home and a personal umbrella. The primary insureds are a male age 58 and female age 55. They are nearing the age of retirement and are wrestling with several issues related to protecting the material wealth they have created to provide for them in their golden years.

Specific ways we can help:

  • Use a small portion of their current investment assets to be set aside for the possible need of paying for long term nursing care in the event of one of them becoming sick or disabled
  • Help identify any shortfall that may exist in their retirement funding plan and determine what strategies can help minimize the gap between what they have and what they need going forward

  • Review their outstanding liabilities and help secure insurance coverage to pay off these debts in the event of premature death to increase the likelihood of current investments being sufficient to meet the survivors needs

  • Review and implement appropriate estate planning documents to ensure their final wishes are effectively communicated and properly funded

A smaller, privately held business who purchases their commercial property and liability coverage from your agency and whom you noticed from the last few visits additional executives in the room helping your primary contact and long time owner review the insurance coverages. You come to learn that 2 of the executives have entered into an agreement to buy the company out over the next 10 years.

These business transition issues, multi-owner dynamics, and owner legacy concerns create several opportunities to help bring more value to the relationship and help meet the needs of the current owner (keeping the commercial insurance account now) as well as the successor owners (keeping the commercial account in the future).

Specific ways we can help:

  • Review the buy/sell arrangement and determine the proper approach to funding for disability, retirement, and death
  • Review the succession plan for the current owner for the proper liquidation method, entity destination and investment to match their personal retirement goals and objectives
  • Determine where the business would suffer and how much it would need if any of the leadership team would die unexpectedly

Meeting any one of these needs of the Personal or Commercial client provides considerable value to the customer and adds significant new revenue to your agency. Each of the financial services opportunities represented would generate $1,000 or more in commissions paid to you for using the Secured Advantage Financial Services Agency Enhancement.