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Secured Advantage will share total results along with an individual member’s participation percentages.  Secured Advantage will seek to sign up agencies that have a proven track record of writing profitable business.

Secured Advantage was founded by an independent agent, thus appreciating the efforts you have put into making your agency a success.  You will remain 100% autonomous! 

That said, each party has to make sacrifices to assure a winning solution for everyone. Secured Advantage negotiated a very fair trade-off from Network Carriers when they agreed to simply have Members eliminate “Benefit Levels” ( i.e. Co-Op advertising, trips ) as the only trade-off to higher commissions and increased profit sharing.

No; we recognize there may be reasons that SA is a fit in some situations, but not in others. Click here to see our carrier partners.

Every network carrier wants to know that their book within your agency will continue with the next owners of your agency. SA will work with you to find the right fit for the best perpetuation of your agency

The First Right that SA uses gives preference to all of your family members and longtime employees, as well as other member agencies you might prefer to perpetuate your agency. SA is really only “first” after all of them!

Nothing changes from your current situation; if your loss ratio is under carrier allowable you are eligible without a minimum production requirement. SA will also pay contingency on In-Network books that individually would not have enough volume to qualify, but would otherwise be eligible.

It depends on Secured Advantage’s overall profitability.  SA’s profit sharing algorithm will attempt to make everyone “whole” based upon their individual performance prior to allocating any additional profit sharing dollars. 

Once everyone is “made whole”,  SA will get 20% of the remaining profit sharing dollars prior to allocating the remaining dollars based upon size and loss ratio. 

In most scenarios, a Member Agency will receive more than if they were not affiliated with Secured Advantage, but there are scenarios where that will not be the case.

As we all know, sometimes things don’t work out as planned.  There is an “Exit Fee” when an Agent terminates their contract, which is equal to 3x the annual fee. 

However, should you validate for the preceding three years that your total compensation would have been greater outside the network, we will waive the Exit Fee.  We’re here to ensure this relationship is valuable to all parties involved.

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