Why Secured Advantage?


For Independent Agents (IA), remaining relevant with insurance carriers in today’s market is increasingly difficult. They get bigger through expanding footprints, increased storefronts and acquisitions. IAs stay flat and their influence decreases.

It doesn’t have to stay that way…Secured Advantage has created a solution that can help independent agents like you flip the script and put power back into the hands of agencies like yours without surrendering an ounce of autonomy in the process.

By working together as independent members of a larger collective network, we are viewed by carriers as a larger, louder voice. That gives us the power and resources to hold and advance our position in the marketplace and spread risk across a much wider group. We all share in some significant business-building benefits including:

Increased profit sharing
Deeply discounted E&O insurance program
Greater influence with carriers
Access to long-term planning resources and best practices

What's In It For You?

You know the big-picture benefits of Secured Advantage. What about the particulars? Here are some of the best aspects of membership and what they mean to you:

In short, Secured Advantage will add value and revenue to your agency by assuring you get maximum commissions, profit sharing scale and increased influence while allowing you to operate 100% autonomously. You will be able to create a secure future for you and your family should you desire us to be a part of your perpetuation planning.

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