Surety & Bonds


Independent Agencies often need support to provide the additional products and services that their customers need. The Surety & Bonds Agency Enhancement program we offer helps provide significant resources to assist in meeting those needs and servicing the client. With our program, you eliminate the need for your clients to seek another outside party to fulfill the rest of their requirements. This way, you can service your clients more fully and keep them close to your core business without running the risk of not meeting all your clients’ needs. With our Surety & Bonds program, you will experience increased revenue and will be in a better position to write insurance.

Our program provides:

Designing plans to meet these needs:

You can partner with us in confidence and know that the highest level of professional service and support are being provided to you and your customers. From a simple license bond to a multi-million dollar bid bond, Secured Advantage provides the team of professionals your customers will need to be satisfied with the work that is done.

Every effort is made to minimize the work required for you in this process while preserving a healthy portion of the commission revenue generated by the products used in the bonding program implementation. Typical commission splits are 30% to the introducing agency and 70% to Secured Advantage and the Bonding team. That split applies to every dollar of commission paid on the case to Secured Advantage – including the maximum bonus levels with network sureties.

Our Team

Chris Ramsburg of the Hummel group brings the following background to Secured Advantage to help service your clients’ bonding needs:

1st Agent to be President of the Surety Underwriters Association of Northern Ohio

Longtime NASBP member

Longtime working relationships with surety companies

30+ years in the surety and commercial insurance field

Former Chubb and Westfield Bond Underwriter

Past owner of multiple large insurance agencies specializing in construction risks

Chris Ramsburg

To learn more about how this opportunity would work with your agency contact:

Chris Ramsburg
(614) 456 – 7623 opt. 3

Agency Enhancement Case Studies


  • A contractor with under 5 years of experience
  • An experienced contractor that breaks away from another firm

Specific ways we can help:

  • Review financial statements for accuracy and advise how to increase working capital
  • Work with specific sureties to find the best option for the contractor; i.e. SBA, Quick Issue Programs

  • Work with specific sureties to find the best option for the contractor; i.e. SBA, Quick Issue ProgramsWork with surety carrier to map a path for growth

Recent Example

General Contractor broke away from family owned business to start his own construction firm. New firm showed profit, but did not have the history or quality financial statements to warrant large bonding limits. Dan and Drew immediately began working with client’s accounting firm to adjust their procedures and enable their financial statements to show increased working capital. In less than one year, contractor has gone from a maximum bid bond of $500,000 to bidding a $2,000,000 project. This contractor’s bond rate has dropped from $30/$1,000 to $25/$1,000.

Facts from the case:

  • Annual bond only commissions in the past year estimated at $5,000.
  • Contractor moved his $18,000 annual premium commercial insurance to the bond agent.

  • Increase in bonded work has led to increased opportunities for contractor growing his commercial insurance program also.


  • An experienced contractor who has never sought out bonded work
  • A contractor who was only capable of obtaining Quick Issue Bonds (<$300,000)

Specific ways we can help:

  • Review the financial statements for working capital to determine appropriate level of bonding capacity
  • Work with surety to relieve officers and spouses of the firm of their personal indemnity

  • Reduce bond rate to become more competitive in bidding process

  • Work with surety to design a plan that allows the contractor to grow as they pick up larger contracts with the increased bonding capacity

Recent Example

General Contractor that has been in business for over 15 years contacted Dan and Drew for a small Quick Issue Bond (<$300,000). After discussing the firm’s past and ability to complete work, a bond program was developed with a surety company to provide a line of credit. The contractor now has a bond capacity of $1,000,000 single job and $1,500,000 aggregate. This contractor’s bond rate has dropped from $30/$1,000 to a sliding scale rate starting at $24/$1,000.

Facts from the case:

  • Annual bond only commission in the past year est. $10,000
  • Insurance policy was initially written with the agency for $14,000 and has grown to over $30,000 due to the additional bonded work

  • The client has indicated that he has turned away several other agents that have solicited his business due to the impact of our bonding expertise

  • Each owner of the company now pursuing life insurance through the agency to accommodate the increase in the company’s value