The Profit-Sharing Advantage to joining SA!

The Independent Insurance Industry is going through a lot of changes right now. Managing an agency through these changes can be tough. With an increasing number of challenges for independent agencies – like perpetuation, hiring needs, qualification thresholds, etc. – it’s important to be proactive in taking steps to manage these issues to make sure your agency stays relevant and profitable in the industry. We believe we can help.

With the constant battle for profitability in their minds, most carriers are changing their programs to keep up and maintain their status. These changes are then impacting you as an independent agency, and your profitability. Secured Advantage is here to help you, the agent, with any challenges that come up from these changes. If your agency is big, small, or any size in between, we are here to help you win when you do business with us.

Let me share with you some examples that show how we have increased many agencies’ profit-sharing in the past. If you have any questions, we’d be happy to offer answers, clarification, or put you in touch with these agencies!

Agency #1

Our first example is a credible independent agency that shares one core carrier with Secured Advantage. Even though they had a great loss ratio for the year, due to recent structural changes in the carrier profit-sharing model, the agency was slated not to receive a check at all.

Since they are a SA member, they received over $14,000 in profit-sharing this past year. This is a common story in the SA world, and we would be happy to share this opportunity with you and your agency.

Agency #2

Much like the first agency in the case study, due to recent shifts in the structuring of the profit-sharing model for one of their carriers, their profit-sharing check was going to be significantly less. In this scenario, they would’ve ended up with only $15,000 when they wrapped up their year.

Being part of SA, they ended up getting an EXTRA $19,000 in profit-sharing, bringing their total check to over $34,000 – that’s 127% more in profit-sharing!

Agency #3

This agency has a book with two of our carriers. Though most of their books are profit sharing eligible on their own and are never in real fear of dropping out of eligibility, they understand the advantages of being a part of a network like Secured Advantage.

In total, their profit-sharing check almost doubled by being a member of SA, going from $35,000 to just under $70,000. Their profit sharing advantage was 200%!

Are you ready to join a network of like-minded agencies to bolster your profit-sharing check? Are you a small agency ready to finally receive the recognition and reward you deserve for all the hard work you do? Or are you a bigger agency considering how much of an impact doubling your profit-sharing check would have on you and your agency?

Let us know if you want to speak directly to any of our member agencies. They all have a unique story and have volunteered to share why they remain members of our network here at Secured Advantage.