5 Key Takeaways from Recent Conversations with Industry Leaders

Over the past several weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing from a few leaders in our industry, and I wanted to share five key takeaways I got from those sessions. Enjoy!

1.     Data is the new currency in our industry

Syd Rowe, who navigates the marketing side of things at b atomic, gave us a few tips and tricks for our marketing endeavors. She said that marketing within the independent agent channel relies heavily on big data. That, coupled with the need to understand the potential fears of those you are marketing to so that you can address those issues right from the get-go, are some of the pillars of what it takes to be successful in the industry. 

2.     Use and maintain a good NPS score for your agency

Speaking about big data, Matthew Smith at Rocket Referrals understands all too well the importance of using and maintain a good NPS score for your agency. The RR teams helps agencies understand the level of satisfaction of their clients and then use that information to advance the business and maintain a healthy and vibrant book. Happy customers can drive future business.

3.     Pick a niche

Justin Buren, partner at INSocial Risk Advisors, shared some cool perspectives on his experience as an independent agent. His agency’s success is tied back to the idea of picking a niche. INSocial works with several niche markets like fitness centers or technology-forward companies which all happen to be things that he or folks on his team are passionate about. Your passions can be a wealth of opportunity!

4.     Establish and sustain connections

We spoke with Megan Wetli who works in commercial lines at Encova. One of Megan’s messages that we can all benefit from was on the number of opportunities for connections that are in our industry. There are so many potential partners and resources out there! Make sure you take advantage of networking opportunities because those relationships are essential to our continued growth. 

5.     Maintain an active LinkedIn account and a well-established professional image

Social media is worth investing some time in! I know that sounds a little crazy, but hear me out! Jess Hall from Ohio Dominican University works closely with candidates to prepare them for their next position as well as multiple businesses who are seeking qualified candidates. She spoke on the effectiveness of having an active LinkedIn account. Not only does it tell the business community who you are, but it’s a great way to communicate the work that you are doing. It’s also a fantastic platform to find and maintain those new connections!

I have more exciting stuff in the pipeline in the next few weeks- stay tuned.