What Do My Customers Look Like?

It is very important to understand who your customer is. Three important questions that we have discussed in previous blog posts are, “What do people buy from me? What do my customers have in common? How do they find me?” Another question that is equally important as the previous questions is, what my ideal customer looks like?

Insurance agencies need to be asking themselves these question more often. It is just not brought up enough.

You can look to your book of business to help answer this question. What is your current book telling you about who your best customer is?

You can look at your team/agency to help answer this question. Does your team/agency know who your ideal customer is?

We ask ourselves this question because often the clients we have are not always the clients we want. This can raise a huge problem. A customer that has been with us from the beginning might look very differently than the customer that joined recently and has a better total potential for embracing the full value being offered by the agency at this time.

It is important to understand what the best customer looks like today for you!

Secured advantage can help you identify what potential is currently untapped within your agency. We are in a great position to help you figure out the question of: What do my customers look like? If your customers aren’t hat you want then we can help you reach out to the customers you want with the resources we have.  

Knowing exactly what your customers own, is another key piece in determining the ideal customer. You may have already outlined this answer when you defined your best customer. It’s a separate question to make sure it is not overlooked. 

The coverages they purchase are determined by what they own. You can’t buy coverage on the boat you don’t own. For commercial accounts, it is important to be specific on what kind of business they are operating.  The more we can define what the best account looks like, the easier it is to go looking for them.

For the next blog- now that we can identify our best customer- we are going to talk about where to find these customers that we just described.

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