The Real Battle for Profitability: Part 2 – The Solution

In our previous post, we discussed the problem independent agents are facing in their battle for profitability. If you have made it to this post that means you want to know the solution to this problem!

Aggregators (not the solution but a must to understand)

We left off discussing aggregators. (What are your thoughts on aggregators? I’d love to know – email me your thoughts)

There are several different models of aggregators to choose from. However, these aggregators don’t fit in with many of the traditional independent agencies’ values. They don’t seem to be the solution. Certainly not for an independent agent who has spent a lifetime building their business.

I choose to look at the core of the opportunity and ask these questions:

1) Do the founding values of the organization match the culture of your firm?

2) Who wins when something good happens within the new relationship?

3) What’s lost if it doesn’t work out?

4) What’s the real cost to my agency to achieve a new level of profitability?

These questions might seem obvious, but the process of answering them could be enlightening.

After exploring those questions above Secured Advantage realized there wasn’t an aggregator that could provide the answers to make independent agents feel safe or secure. These questions guided us down the path of how to win the battle for profitability.

Secured Advantage Built the Solution

The battle for profitability could be won by creating an agency NETWORK, that could answer these questions and make independent agents feel safe and secure.

That’s why we created Secured Advantage, a network built on three core principles, uncommon to your typical aggregator.

Secured Advantage is an organization founded by an independent agent, like you, and our goal is simple:

To build a network of historically profitable agencies that maintain their complete independence, and who can bring the right strategy to help each other protect and perpetuate the life’s work of an independent agent.

Independent agents have more power together. This network gives independent agents power and that seat at the table that they have lost. It is better to work together and share profits rather than lose the battle for profitability!

So far, we’ve helped over 85 agencies feel what winning the battle for profitability is like!

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