Which Client Can’t You Serve Well Anymore? 

When you manage an insurance agency, you may have a certain segment of clients that are difficult to handle. They have needs you can’t fulfill, or you may not have figured out how best to help them. At times, they seem to have outgrow your services, or you may need to expand your agency to retain their business. 

As you consider how to help each of these clients get the most out of their insurance coverage, take a look at the insights below so that you can modernize you’re agency. Sure, you may not know how best to serve these clients today, but there are solutions out there for you.

Long-Time Clients Need New Services

Your long-term clients need modern solutions. Sure, you’ve had some of the same clients for ages. They’ve renewed every year and almost never needed your help, and when they did, you could easily resolve the problem. Now, their businesses are expanding, their families are growing, and the world is changing at an accelerated pace. 

 What do you do for these insurance clients? 

 Make sure you consider doing all of the following with your clients: 

  • Reviewing life and business changes each year 
  • Discussing new insurance products every year 
  • Reviewing coverages annually (no automatic renewals)
  • Streamlining coverage where needed 

Your clients will thank you, and you can keep their coverage up to date. At the same time, welcome your clients to bring ideas to you. If they have questions about something they merely read or heard about, consider these ideas, and help them implement wise financial changes. 

Business Clients Need Fresh Perspective 

They always say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. That’s not necessarily true. Remaining current on what’s happening in the industry is no more difficult than remaining connected to the insurance industry.  

Get to know younger agents in your area. Hire younger agents if need be. Read industry publications. Review data from carriers and get an idea of how the insurance industry is changing with the times. 

 This is the time when you say to your clients:  

  • “In the 2020s, insurance carriers are…” 
  • “This isn’t the 90s” 
  • “We need a new strategy” 
  • “Have you considered” 
  • “I was reading the other day” 

It’s nice to see clients renew and pop that commission check into your bank account, but what else are you doing to craft the best insurance coverage and experience for them?  

Keep the conversation open and the ideas flowing. 

Personal Insurance Clients Need Modern Solutions 

Your personal insurance clients need coverage that actually makes sense for them. Remember when you added that jewellery rider to your brother in-law’s homeowner’s policy in 1972? One would imagine that all that jewellery is far more valuable now than it was then. What if he got divorced? Is he new wife’s ring covered? 

Moreover, personal insurance clients need coverage that keeps up with the times. Sure, kids back in the day just needed cheap insurance the second they got a car. In today’s world, one little accident could result in a multi-million-dollar lawsuit. Are you preparing your clients for the realities of modern life with modern insurance solutions? 

Reach Out to Secured Advantage for Help Modernizing Your Insurance Agency 

Reach out to us at Secured Advantage today to learn more about modern options to serve all your clients. Looking for a fresh perspective and new solutions is the best way to care for your clients. While you can’t make every change right away, we’re here to help you join a network of insurance professionals, improve workflow, increase cashflow, and secure your agency for many years to come.