Other Benefits


Supplemental Workplace Benefits

Independent Agencies often need support in providing the additional products and services their customers need. The Secured Advantage Workplace Benefits package provides significant resources to assist in meeting those needs and servicing the client. With our package, you eliminate the need for your clients to seek an additional outside party to service the rest of their needs. This way, you can keep your clients close to your core business without running the risk of leaving some of your clients’ needs unmet. The simple truth is that the Workplace Benefits Package leads to increased revenue and puts you in a better position to write your insurance.

To learn more about how this opportunity would work with your agency, contact:

Jerry Kesner and Dave McGuckin


(614) 456 - 7623

Secured Access

Secured Access has been built to help the our members have the access to markets and expertise they need in order to meet the needs of their agencies. Accounts that need a special market or specific expertise can be placed in partnership with your agency and Secured Advantage. Any one agency is often limited in the scope of risks that can be covered by a small group of carriers, but as we are a network of agencies doing business in several states with dozens of carriers, you have significant potential to find the right fit to mediate risks. Knowing our own limitations and bringing the right support to our network allows the expertise of our members to craft the right program for each unique customer engaged by our agencies.

Please know that the Secured Access program is not a brokerage platform. It is a program that can meet the needs of specific relationships within your network when your current markets and/or expertise are unable to provide the right level of coverage and support for the risk. Designed to support commercial premiums of $10,000 or more, Secured Advantage will provide an insurance specialist to write the account, service the risk and manage the needs of the client.

Recognizing the value of an opportunity like this, the commission generated from these referrals will follow the Secured Advantage 70/30 split. The agency making the referral to the Secured Access program will be paid 30% on the business with the expectation of having 100% of the work done by the SA program representative for underwriting, service, and claims management.

To learn more about how this opportunity would work with your agency, contact:

Ted Rusinoff


(330) 620 - 3559

Trusted Choice Affiliation

We recently connected with Trusted Choice and were given the opportunity to lock in their services at a lower cost to our members. Trusted Choice strives to bring the best agencies to connect with the insurance customers in their communities on both personal and commercial lines. Recognizing the quality of those members affiliated with Secured Advantage, it is a natural fit for our members to be the ones recommended to those customers.

Studies show that nearly 80% of all insurance purchases start with some kind of online search. It makes sense to be included in that initial search as a Trusted Choice for their insurance needs. Review their website and see for yourself how good independent agencies are being connected to the customers in their communities.

You can contact David Roeber at Trusted Choice directly to get started, upgrade your subscription, or with general questions. Identify yourself as a member of Secured Advantage for the discounted pricing.

David Roeber

Trusted Choice Contact for SA Members


(952) 715 - 5911

Online Marketing & Social Media

With our affiliated Online Marketing program, we can help provide effective, efficient, and affordable online exposure to your target markets.

Specifically created for independent insurance agencies, our program broadcasts your services to your desired audience. And the best part? We do everything. You just see the results. We use no gimmicks, make no unrealistic promises, and show you our work every single month. You'll know what we did and what it did for you.

To connect your agency to this program and begin realizing another advantage of your affiliation with Secured Advantage, contact:

Brian Spaeth



(323) 309 - 2006